Live Music!

Enjoy live music Fridays starting at 6 p.m. and Sundays starting at 10 a.m.

Reno Sax Man
Jazzy, easy listening of all your favorite songs!

Setting the right mood for any occasion is of utmost importance to Reno Sax Man while performing. Reno Sax Man likes playing smooth jazz and also includes a mix of jazz, standards, pop and blues. He takes you on a musical journey with his to be released CD titled “Fresh Tracks” on Euphonic Nutt records.

Charles Murray
Contemporary, Country, Classics, Rock and Jazz tunes.

Charles Murray has lived in Reno for many years. He was RIsk Management Director for the Washoe School System in Reno before continuing his musical career. Charles has played music for 30 + years and has toured nationally, made several albums, performed as a studio musician, and played for many casinos and clubs in Reno.

Tyler Stafford

Tyler is known for his smooth guitar playing, instantly memorable melodies and poetic lyrics that range in subject matter from personal relationships to socially conscious commentary that will have you humming along from the first listen.


Nov 9-Tyler Stafford

Nov 11-Tyler Stafford

Nov 16-Charles Murray

Nov 18-Reno Sax Man

Nov 23-Reno Sax Man

Nov 25-Reno Sax Man

Nov 30-Charles Murray

Dec 2-Reno Sax Man

Dec 9-Tyler Stafford

Dec 16-Tyler Stafford

Dec 21-Reno Sax Man

Dec 23-Reno Sax Man

Dec 28-Reno Sax Man

Dec 30-Tyler Stafford

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