Chef Inspired Comfort Food

Our Mission

Roundabout Grill combines welcoming hospitality with creative, market-driven food.
Chef Colin's seasonally-changing menu incorporates global influences and at the same time, explores American comfort food with adaptations of recipes that many of our guests will be familiar with. 

The Kitchen

Our open kitchen lets you in on the sounds and smells of a restaurant kitchen during service.
Our experienced team of cooks thrive on the energy of a busy night.

Our Staff

Unfussy, knowledgeable service from staff who love food and love looking after people. 


Try Our Specialities


Monday6am - 10:30am     4pm - 9pm

Tuesday6am - 10:30am     4pm - 9pm

Wednesday6am - 10:30am     4pm - 9pm

 Thursday6am - 10:30am    4pm - 9pm

Friday6am - 10pm

Saturday6am - 10pm

Sunday6am - 9pm